January 11, 2012

Vandal Hearts FoJ - Character Art


Today I bring you some of the characters artworks of Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment! I personally like a few of them, especially Tobias and Luce's! On the other hand, I am disappointed on Altyria's one, the avatar for her in the game it's quite beautiful compared to the full body artwork here!!! And I am sad I couldn't find Shance's full body art because she is my favourite female in the game!

If I find more of them, I'll definitely share! Here I leave you with the ones I have and source links!



Random soldiers and citizens art too! 

And that's all for now. The source is this blog again [LINK] from one of the artists who worked on the game, obviously! XD I always love this kind of illustrations, makes me think of my Characters Design class and my days studying Fine arts and Audiovisuals.

Well then, see you!

January 6, 2012

Vandal Hearts FoJ - Voice Acting

Hi again!

It seems like I only write about Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment lol Nah, in reality the thing is, it's the latest installment in the Vandal Heart series so it's just natural I find more new stuff about it than about the more than 10 years old first and second game. Soon I'll upload lots of stuff from the other games as well!

So as the title says, this time I bring you those who put voice to the characters in Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment! Most of this voice actors and actresses has participated in many other videogames, anime, etc. You can know more about them clicking on their name!

TOBIAS MARTIN                       ALTYRIA JONO          
voiced by VIC MIGNOGNA            voiced by ALICYN PACKARD


   LUCE VALENCI                          SHANCE AYA            
voiced by  ALICYN PACKARD            voided by CINDY ROBINSON


CONNOR GANSON                         CALVIN ATRIAS    
voiced by SPIKE SPENCER            voiced by CINDY ROBINSON


GREN SILAS                           DALDREN GRAY 
  voiced  by  RYAN ALEXANDER             voiced by RICHARD EPCAR

After playing the game a couple of times, those are the characters I pretty much consider as "main characters".  But of course, there are many other support characters who have their own voice! The thing is, most of the rest have the same voice actor (and as you can see above, some of the main characters do share the same voice actresses) and I don't have the portrait art or voice actors names of all of them -for now hu hu hu- so I'll just mention some other relatively important characters:



Chris Kent not only voices Kelbrun and King Everest but also, like, HALF of the cast, for example Dumas the First or Sebastian Horne (I don't have the portraits sorry! Will update when I get them!) I'll notice for stupid reasons related to my fangirlism, most anime fangirls seem to love Vic Mignogna (who voices Tobias Martin here) and so do I. Thanks to him, English dubs for Japanese anime and videogames are much better nowadays. Like really.

The source of the info is [LINK] I'll try to find another couple of sites to contrast and confirm the info when I can!

More stuff coming up soon!

Vandal Hearts sites of your interest

This blog is not enough to cover all of the Vandal Hearts material and it's not exactly informative and "tidy" in the way a Vandal Hearts Wikipedia could be, and for those reasons you can't find exact information as quickly and precisely in my blog as you could in Wikipedia, so I am linking you to other Vandal Hearts sites in which I participate -in one way or another- just in case they are of your interest!!!

Also, other fans told me that obviously not everyone who is interested in following this blog or just Vandal Hearts news has a Google account, so you can follow the news from othes sites as well:

- Vandal Hearts fangroup on Deviantart fanarts and more!

- Vandal Hearts on Twitter with quick news & updates

- Vandal Hearts Wiki which you can help completing!

January 5, 2012

Vandal Hearts FoJ - Background Art

Hello everyone!

Today I am here to share with you more art from Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment. You know the pictures of towns and shops and landscapes you see in the background while the characters are talking and stuff? Well then, that's exactly what we have here:

BACKGROUND ART from Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment

click for full view

These pictures above come from this blog [LINK] The second picture is one of the last towns you are to visit in this game, and I think it's actually the Capital Sumeria from the first game -but I need to recheck it- The forest is one of the first stages you visit. The desert is about the middle of the game.

And I have more stuff that, while not being the background art you see when the characters are talking, are also beautiful pictures from the game that show some more of this world in which the characters of Vandal Hearts live.

The "Astral World" 
also known as "Purgatory" to those who are religious


Daldren Gray in the "Purgatory"
concept art for one of the cinamatics in the game 


In the first game, this place full of pretty critals was called "Astral World", but in Vandal Hearts Flames of Judgment, the religious people call it "Purgatory" lol I'd like to talk about this place, the Astral World in the Vandal Hearts series, some other time.

As for these last pictures, I found them in this other blog [LINK] by the artist Joy S. Lee, who you can guess worked in the game.

More stuff coming up soon!

Vandal Hearts FoJ - Storyboards

Hi again! Second post of this blog!

So yeah, as the title says, this entry is about storyboards from Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment, which is the third game of the saga and prequel to the first one. I'll change the blog's look when I can but I wanted to write this entry before I forget where I found these storyboards (I like linking to the sources when I can)

  Storyboards from "Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment"

CLICK on the images for full view



These next ones are part of the ending concepts. Originally it seems there was just one ending, but later they created two (one for Altyria and another for Luce) I guess some of them look more or less the same because they modified just some stuff to adaptate it to the fact that there was yet another ending in production.


I found them in the blog of one of the artists who worked for Technicolor Interactive during the creation of Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment. The blog where I found them is [LINK] who's owner calls her/himself "Minty, the ice-cream cone" lol As and artist myself, not only I find interesting taking a look at the storyboards and how they worked, but I also really liked his/her art in the blog so I am double the glad to had found that site.

Blogspot is so much of a freaking bitch while uploading images, it's almost impossible just decently placing them in their freaking place, and there are so many pictures in this entry... usually I would just show a couple of pictures and give you a download link to rapidly get the rest but they always end expiring so yeah, at least if they are in the blog they won't get lost! Well until I find a better way to share many images in the same entry, at least!

All boards are copyrighted by the studios.

January 2, 2012

Just created!


and welcome to this blog even though we still have nothing to offer!

I am CarmenMCS, creator of this blog. This blog is dedicated to my most favourite videogame ever: VANDAL HEARTS, by Konami. I created this blog for personal enjoyment and to share my love for this game with other people, especially with other fans.
I'll change the design as soon as possible and start filling this place with Vandal Hearts stuff I've been collecting for many years!

I've loved this game for about 15 years, but unluckily for me even though the Vandal Hearts games are considered classics and very good games among Tactical RPGs lovers, they never had an active fan community (in the sense you don't usually see any Vandal Hearts fanart or fanfics, never ever saw VH cosplay, etc). Konami didn't releashe much material regarding these games either (just the games and the OST) so of course that's one of the reasons why the fandom is so very very VERY inactive.

Still, I do know these games have very loyal and hardcore fans just as me, and I know they are just as frustrated as me 'cos of the lack of updates and fanworks regarding these games, so for myself and for them, I've finally opened this blog! I've been thinking of starting a website or something among the lines for YEARS, however I never did because:

- I don't have much free time for this stuff
- There are no news regarding these games
- No new official releases in MANY years
- No fanworks to share...
- ETC.

But my love for these games is more powerful than all of that and now that I am an adult with many resources, I finally decided to start this little project to help this legend rise from its own ashes and give other fans a reason to want to be more active!

And all of a sudden I realize I started this blog the first day of the year. LOL.

See you and thanks for reading!