January 6, 2012

Vandal Hearts FoJ - Voice Acting

Hi again!

It seems like I only write about Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment lol Nah, in reality the thing is, it's the latest installment in the Vandal Heart series so it's just natural I find more new stuff about it than about the more than 10 years old first and second game. Soon I'll upload lots of stuff from the other games as well!

So as the title says, this time I bring you those who put voice to the characters in Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment! Most of this voice actors and actresses has participated in many other videogames, anime, etc. You can know more about them clicking on their name!

TOBIAS MARTIN                       ALTYRIA JONO          
voiced by VIC MIGNOGNA            voiced by ALICYN PACKARD


   LUCE VALENCI                          SHANCE AYA            
voiced by  ALICYN PACKARD            voided by CINDY ROBINSON


CONNOR GANSON                         CALVIN ATRIAS    
voiced by SPIKE SPENCER            voiced by CINDY ROBINSON


GREN SILAS                           DALDREN GRAY 
  voiced  by  RYAN ALEXANDER             voiced by RICHARD EPCAR

After playing the game a couple of times, those are the characters I pretty much consider as "main characters".  But of course, there are many other support characters who have their own voice! The thing is, most of the rest have the same voice actor (and as you can see above, some of the main characters do share the same voice actresses) and I don't have the portrait art or voice actors names of all of them -for now hu hu hu- so I'll just mention some other relatively important characters:



Chris Kent not only voices Kelbrun and King Everest but also, like, HALF of the cast, for example Dumas the First or Sebastian Horne (I don't have the portraits sorry! Will update when I get them!) I'll notice for stupid reasons related to my fangirlism, most anime fangirls seem to love Vic Mignogna (who voices Tobias Martin here) and so do I. Thanks to him, English dubs for Japanese anime and videogames are much better nowadays. Like really.

The source of the info is [LINK] I'll try to find another couple of sites to contrast and confirm the info when I can!

More stuff coming up soon!

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