January 2, 2012

Just created!


and welcome to this blog even though we still have nothing to offer!

I am CarmenMCS, creator of this blog. This blog is dedicated to my most favourite videogame ever: VANDAL HEARTS, by Konami. I created this blog for personal enjoyment and to share my love for this game with other people, especially with other fans.
I'll change the design as soon as possible and start filling this place with Vandal Hearts stuff I've been collecting for many years!

I've loved this game for about 15 years, but unluckily for me even though the Vandal Hearts games are considered classics and very good games among Tactical RPGs lovers, they never had an active fan community (in the sense you don't usually see any Vandal Hearts fanart or fanfics, never ever saw VH cosplay, etc). Konami didn't releashe much material regarding these games either (just the games and the OST) so of course that's one of the reasons why the fandom is so very very VERY inactive.

Still, I do know these games have very loyal and hardcore fans just as me, and I know they are just as frustrated as me 'cos of the lack of updates and fanworks regarding these games, so for myself and for them, I've finally opened this blog! I've been thinking of starting a website or something among the lines for YEARS, however I never did because:

- I don't have much free time for this stuff
- There are no news regarding these games
- No new official releases in MANY years
- No fanworks to share...
- ETC.

But my love for these games is more powerful than all of that and now that I am an adult with many resources, I finally decided to start this little project to help this legend rise from its own ashes and give other fans a reason to want to be more active!

And all of a sudden I realize I started this blog the first day of the year. LOL.

See you and thanks for reading!

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